Flat pack furniture at its finest

With no nails or screws, only eight pieces to connect and an expected life of hundreds of years, this really is flat pack furniture at its finest.



For anyone who has ever experienced flat pack furniture, exceptional quality, a long life and ease of assembly are not features you generally associate with it.

Access can be an issue for some people, such as lift sizes in apartments or narrow staircases in homes. Transporting large pieces of furniture when moving house can also cause damage and dents. This table is constructed so it can be assembled on site and has the ability to be dismantled easily without damaging the integrity of the construction, to overcome some of these issues. This table is an example of flat pack furniture at its finest.

This Trestle Table is made using the highest quality traditional joinery with no nails or screws used in the construction. The table top features a breadboard end with pegged mortise and tenon joins and the table is connected together using a stretcher beam at the base. The table is completed with hand shaped columns on sleigh feet. It is also known as my “400 year table” which is how long I expect it to last.

And the best features of this flat pack furniture – I assemble it for you. While this table may take weeks to design and build to your unique specifications, it takes me just minutes to assemble on site.

If you would like to know about flat pack furniture at its finest, contact me on 0414 400 172 or email nick@nicholasbailey.com.au