Black Beauty

The relationship between a craftsman and a stack of rough sawn timber is a curious thing. Using Australia’s unique Ancient Murray River Redgum truly highlights what respecting the origins of each piece of wood used is all about.

This beautiful black timber comes from trees which are fossils – giant Redgums which grew on the banks of the Murray River over 5,000 years ago. The fossils were formed after the Ice Age when these great gums were buried under the banks of Australia’s largest river – the Murray.

Over thousands of years the trees became impregnated with rich minerals from the gravels of the river bed. The action of the river also helped transform these Redgums into the dramatic black fossil wood.

I love working with this beautiful timber, knowing that each time I use it I am creating something uniquely Australian. The quality of this timber and the attention to detail required when using this timber is what handcrafted furniture is all about.